Men's Choir 

 Winter Quarter, Dec 5th to March 6th 

Spring Choir Concert: March 9th @ 7:00pm, HIMS Commons





The Family Agreement Form is a required part of the sign-up process for

those enrolling in an after-school music program for the first time this year.

Please print, sign, and turn in to music teacher.


Men’s Choir is a fee-based, after-school enrichment program. Students will be introduced to music and will learn vocal techniques. Registration, fee collection, and communication about the program are managed by Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI). Men’s Choir is not part of the HIMS curriculum.


The program welcomes all young men who are interested in singing. No experience is necessary. Students in ALL grades are encouraged to participate!



For 2017-2018, the cost is $75 per session. The number of classes per session typically ranges from 10 to 12.


Financial assistance is available. Please contact Ms. Angela Pence, HIMS music director to make arrangements.



Mondays after school, 3:55 to 5pm

HIMS Choir Room (Room 111)



There are three sessions per year. Each session culminates in a performance at a choir concert. All performances are held in the Commons at 7 pm.


WINTER dates January 8th through March 8th

Note: The boys in Men's Choir have decided they would like to participate for fun and not perform at the next choir night.


SPRING dates TBD, End-of-Year Choir Concert, TBD


Students are not required to participate in all three sessions, but they are encouraged to do so. Students may join the program at the beginning of any session.



For concerts, students wear black slacks, black long-sleeve button-down dress shirt with collar, black socks and black dress shoes. Vocal Jazz concert attire may be worn by students performing in both choral groups.



Ms. Angela Pence, HIMS’ professional music director, teaches the classes.



Students should bring a snack to eat prior to class. They are invited to eat in the Commons where an after-school music instructor will provide supervision beginning at approximately 3:45 pm.



Students are asked to attend all classes; they are rehearsals for the end-of-session concert. Please let Ms. Pence know if your student will be absent. Also, feel free to contact Ms. Pence with any concerns about student attendance. 


BUS TRANSPORTATION (organized through the YMCA office)

After-school activity (ASA) buses are available to students on most Mondays. Service, however, is not provided to addresses within 1.5 miles of HIMS and not guaranteed to all neighborhoods. For students in most unserved areas, Metro bus tokens may be requested.


ASA buses may not operate during the full Men's Choir session as they run only on HOST Program days. Please make other transportation arrangements for any classes that take place when the HOST Program is not in session. Metro bus tokens may be requested for these days.


Be aware that the ASA buses do not leave Hamilton until 5:45pm, so your student will need to wait patiently for 45 minutes. Students are responsible for boarding their assigned ASA bus by 5:40 pm.


For ASA bus service and/or Metro bus tokens, a Non-HOST Bus Permission Form must be submitted to the YMCA office (Room 104) located across from the main office. There is a black box near the door. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing. Your student’s assigned ASA route will likely differ from his/her regular school day route.



Parents picking up students will meet them in front of the school building by 5 pm. Please be prompt. Students waiting for rides will require supervision by an adult working in the building, which pulls him/her away from other responsibilities.


For early student pick up, parents/guardians should call the after-school music instructor or Ms. Liz Abbott (Chase), the HIMS YMCA Director. A list of phone numbers is posted on the YMCA office door (Rm 104) in the school lobby. If parents/guardians enter the school building, they MUST stay in the front lobby. At no time should parents/guardians go to student classrooms.


HURRY! Classes have already started!


The following are required prior to student participation:

• Online Registration,

• Online Payment, AND

Family Agreement Form (turn in to music teacher).

The following may be needed:

Non-HOST Bus Permission Form (turn in to black box outside the YMCA office (Room104) across from the main office).


For questions about registration, please contact Julie Rey, FOMAHI parent volunteer.


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