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Welcome students! We're delighted that you're joining us this year. Before you embark on your musical journey, we ask that you take the time to read through the student pages on the site. You'll find important information from your instructors about the classroom, your instrument(s), and live performances.

We look forward to a great year of music!


Become a FOMAHI Volunteer in 2018-2019

Music parents, please consider joining the FOMAHI Board. Being part of the Board is a rewarding experience. We support the amazing work of HIMS music educators and their students through trip planning, concert operations, fundraising, and much more. It is also a great way to meet other HIMS parents and learn more about the school.  Don’t let our amazing program wither!  If you know any rising 6th grader music parents who may be interested, please spread the word.

Open Positions

  • Band Co-President: works with the two other co-presidents to facilitate monthly board meetings, co-leads the board through consistent email communication, works with the band director and band volunteers to coordinate events throughout the year. Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Vice President for Concert Operations:  Helps coordinate concerts operations for band/choir/orchestra including delegating bake sale coordinators, audio/visual recordings, and concert programs.  Attends monthly board meetings.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Recruits volunteers for HIMS music concerts and events.  Attends monthly board meetings.


We would love to tell you more. If interested, please contact Fiona Cohen at fionamccawcohen@gmail.com or FOMAHIhelp@gmail.com



And help Hamilton kids make music!

Don’t miss out on performances and field trips.


New and returning students taking a music class or an afterschool music club (Band, Choir, Orchestra, Vocal Jazz, Sr. Jazz, Jr. Jazz, Men’s Choir) must register to support HIMS music.


No other middle school offers music enrichment like HIMS!


More than 60% of Hamilton students participate in music…but, the district pays for

less than 30% of the expenses that power this award-winning program.


That’s where we come in. We’re the Friends of Music at Hamilton International (FOMAHI), a 100 percent volunteer organization that fundraises for and supports the music program. Our volunteers book hundreds of hours annually counting instruments, prepping concerts, selling baked goods, and ensuring the directors have what they need to thrive.

  • Licensing sheet music for every student
  • Instrument repair (including tune-ups for 4 pianos) and purchase, sound system maintenance
  • Subsidizing out-of-state trips to major competitions
  • Providing scholarships for our students in need


Register your child at: www.fomahi.org. $25 enrichment fee per student highly recommended but not necessary.  (Online payment via credit card or PayPal.)


While you’re there, consider adding a tax-deductible donation. And, view the  volunteer opportunities!


Yours in music,



FOMAHI – Friends of Music at Hamilton International

PO Box 31613

Seattle, WA 98103

Join Us!

Please Register For 2017-18 School Year with FOMAHI and receive all the news and reminders, so you won't miss out on performances and field trips.


Big Results for Music-a-Thon 2018!!

THANK YOU to those who participated in the Music-a-thon!  We raised over $42,000 to provide music opportunities for students at Hamilton.  It's not too late to contribute!  Click here to make a donation!


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