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Music at Hamilton relies on volunteers. Any time you can spare helps. Here are some of the vital roles volunteers play in the Hamilton music community. If you might be interested in helping with any of these, check the box, and we will contact you with details. All volunteers at Seattle Public Schools must fill some forms, read a handbook, pass a background check and watch a short training video. For more info, see the Volunteer Information Page on the SPS website.


Already signed up to volunteer on a field trip or another activity? You will find various Seattle Public Schools volunteer forms.

Volunteer Categories:

  Concert Crew Worker

We have four Concert Crews: Band, Choir, Orchestra and Jazz. Each crew handles all concert operations. Concert Crew members:

  • Assist music directors with transporting equipment and instruments (generally in the morning of/day after concerts)
  • Help with concert set-up and tear-down at performance venues
  • Help supervise students backstage and in performance halls before and during concerts
  • Help sell FOMAHI merchandise at concerts

 Volunteers can work at one or all concerts for selected music groups. (Est. time commitment: 2-4 hours per concert.)

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Bake Sale Crews

We have four Bake Sale Crews: Band, Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Concerts. We need assistants to help:

  • Solicit or provide food and beverages to sell
  • Run the sale (sell the food/beverages)
  • Serve food and beverages during concerts

 (Est. time commitment: 2-4 hours on concert days only.)

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Events at Hamilton

We need several volunteers each year to help with special music events at Hamilton International. Past events have included the Music-a-thon all-day fundraiser and the Solo and Ensemble Festival held in March. See the Calendar or contact our 2015-16 Volunteer Coordinator Fiona Cohen to learn more about the events planned for this school year.

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Audio Recording Assistants

Work with our Music Directors by aiding in the production of audio recordings at concerts and distributing the recordings to students, their families and friends.

(Est. time commitment: 2-4 hours on concert days; may require extra time for distribution.)

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Music Director Assistants

We need volunteers who are able to commit to a regular weekly time slot to assist our Music Directors. Tasks vary from week to week, but may include:

  • Copying and/or distributing permission slips, announcements and other materials to students
  • Tracking instruments on loan to student musicians
  • Providing general support as requested by the Music Director

 (Est. time commitment: To be determined by the Music Director, but typically 1 – 1½  hours per week)

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Music Library Volunteers

Help manage Hamilton International's Music Library. In this critical role, you will catalog, organize and maintain the school's burgeoning music library of vocal, band, orchestra and jazz band scores.

(Est. time commitment: approximately 1 – 1½ hours per week)

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Chaperone a Day or Overnight Trip

Chaperones provide essential support during day and overnight trips to festivals and competitions. Local trips generally involve a half-day chaperone commitment. Overnight trips may span the entire weekend.

(Est. time commitment: ½ day – weekend.)

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Concert Program Assembly Crew

Work with Concert Program Coordinators to assemble information to be included in concert programs, make copies and distribute the programs at performances.

(Est. time commitment: approx. 1-3 hours per concert.)

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Ensemble Representative

Each band, choir and orchestra needs one volunteer to work with teachers, FOMAHI and volunteers to organize events.

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Take On a FOMAHI Leadership Role

Enjoy coordinating and managing programs, activities and events? Come join us on the FOMAHI leadership team! See the Volunteer Opportunities Sign-Up Form for a list of roles.

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Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Forms


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Music-a-Thon 2020! Thursday, Feb 6th, 2020

The Music-a-thon is FOMAHI’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Our goal is to raise at least $40,000 to support this year’s music students at Hamilton. Click here to make a donation!


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