FOMAHI 2018-19 Board Members

Due to the size and scope of the Hamilton International Middle School music program, FOMAHI has voted to split the Board President duties among three presidents, each representing a category of music at our school. Additional board roles remain unchanged.

2018-19 Co-Presidents:

  • Juan Pampin (representing Orchestra)
  • Susan Bell (representing Choir)
  • Bryan Digel (representing Band)

2018-19 Board Members:

  • Vice President of Concert Operations: Open Position!
  • Secretary: Ingrid Hengherr 
  • Treasurer: Chappell Barber

2018-19 Committee Chairs:

  • Communications Chair: Karen Schwartzbauer
  • Fundraising Chair: Naria Santa Lucia
  • Volunteer Coordination Chair: Christina Holden


The FOMAHI board meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month in the school library. Board meetings are open to all Hamilton families. Meeting time/date subject to change. Please check the calendar for dates/times.


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